Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make/Earn Money Online

Who on earth does not want to make money and if the money making is easy then it's like icing on the cake.
I am sure you agree with this and most likely that is the reason you are spending your valuable time reading this blog.

I am not going to take much time, so coming right to the point.

Money can be made in various ways but people are interested in making money by legitimate ways (I can say almost every person if he or she has any simpler way.) While selecting the option for legitimate ways of making money one needs to make
sure that they are not being cheated by some fradulent scheme. Else you might end up putting your effort for nothing.

I started earning money online not very long time back. And I also do not claim that I am online earning guru but I did explored options available for many many days(and many many sleepless night). I do not see any harm in sharing my experience with
the people which can help them making money online.

One thing I would like to say is "Rome was not built in a day" so DONOT DREAM of becoming rich overnight. But if you keep persisting working towards making money online you would certainly be able to fulfill your dream.

Following are some of the options which can help people in making money online. I have tried to categories those option for the sake of clear distinction between different Methods.

Making Money Online Method 1: Start writing Blog and Advertise on that (The Best of making money online)

Just like my this blog, you can have your own blog. There are some websites like which allow you to create blog for free. You can set-up an account in just few minutes and can get started. Once started blogging, one can opt for advertising the blog from number of online marketing agencies. These agencies will get money from various advertisers to publish their ads on different websites/blogs and In turn they pay publishers(in this you) a part of that money. Although Google Adsense is the leading player in this field but there are plenty of other options as follows:


Atlas Solutions
Buds Media
Burst! Media
Casale Media
Chitika eMiniMalls
Dynamic text Kontera
Hurricane Digital Media
Kanoodle BrightAds
Mamma Media Solutions
MIVA AdRevenue Xpress
Quigo AdSonar
RealCast Media
Revenue Pilot
Right Media
Text Link Ads
Traffic Marketplace
Tribal Fusion
Vibrant Media IntelliTXT & SmartAds
Yahoo Publisher Network

Making Money Online Method 2: Participate in Paid Survey

There are plenty of websites which provide the online paid survey which they execute on behalf of some industry or organization.
Following is the list of some of the company providing paid survey:

AC Nielson
American Consumer Opinion Panel
ECN Research
Global Test Market
Greenfield Online Surveys
It's Your Opinion
Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council
Lightspeed Research
Memolink Surveys - Become a member then go to surveys.
Opinion Outpost
Opinion Square
Permission Research
Survey 4 Profit
The Net Panel
Winning Surveys

Making Money Online Method 3: Work as Freelancer

There are plenty of freelancing job available on internet and there are various websites which provides different types of freelancing work. These work can be technical and requiring specific skills but at the same time plethora of work is very easy which is like data entry jobs or posting ads on various websites etc.

In order to find the list, you can google your search with keywords like "freelancing" + "data entry" etc.
Since it is easy and there are plenty, I am not adding those list here.

Making Money Online Method 4: Selling product online

Again here in this case there are lost of webiste which offer a good amount of percentage when you become an affiliate.
ebay and Click2sell is few among the lot offering this plan. Just search on google for affiliate program and you will find plenty of those.

There are certainly many many other ways of making money online but I list those which I found useful.
You may select based on your preference whichever is best suited for you.

All the best!!!!

Happy Earning Online... Make Plenty of Money
(But again remember.."Rome was not built in a day")

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